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Are you a freelance consultant with a passion for nonprofits?

Elevated Charity is always looking to find great people to work with. Due to the nature of the business, our consultants can be based anywhere in the United States.

Google Ad Experts:

Are you a wiz with Google Ads? What about running social media campaigns? Can you install a conversion tracking tag? A Meta pixel? Do you know how to boost ad CTR based on analytics? If your answer to these questions (or most of them anyway) is, “of course I know that!” then drop us a line!

Our team is made up of experienced freelancers who know things because they’ve done things and learned from what they’ve done. We are flexible with hours and willing to talk to freelancers an any US time zone.

If you’re interested, drop us a note below!

WordPress Development Experts:

Do you know a Divi from an Elementor? Can you optimize images and pages so they load super fast? Can you look at a pdf and make that design come to life on a web page? We’re always looking to meet great WordPress experts to join our dynamic and scalable team.

The Elevated Charity team is made up of experienced freelancers who aren’t just “doers” but are also willing to provide input and advice based on their expertise in the subject area.

Sound like you want to meet us? Send a note below!

Nonprofit Marketing Experts:

Do you love working with nonprofits and helping them reach their objectives? Can you help them decide on what those objectives should be? Are you willing to go beyond expectations and offer ideas and advice that wasn’t even contemplated when you started? Are you an all-around marketing, advertising, communications expert?

We always want to talk with folks that know how to reach donors and help them understand the importantance of their participation. People who know how to think about strategy and put it into action. Some knowledge in many of our solutions is a plus!

Interested to learn more? Say hello in the form below!

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