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We are consultants that treat your nonprofit like its our full-time job to help you succeed, because in a way, it is. We’re here for your team meetings, phone calls or Zoom just about any time, and quick response to emails. We’re thinking about your success all the time. We offer ideas, and if approved we can put them into action or work with your team to make them happen.

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Meet Elevated Media

Depending on your project, we bring on the right folks for the job. We’re all US based and bring years of experience in our field.

Todd Helmrich Headshot

Todd Helmrich

Lead Consultant

Elevated Charity is led by Todd Helmrich and based in New York City. The specialty area of working with nonprofits grew out of some exciting work Todd led through his business consulting service, MSJ Marketing & Communications.

Under the Elevated Charity umbrella, Todd and his scalable team of experts are dedicated to improving effectiveness of US based charities through a wide range of marketing efforts.

Prior to starting MSJ Marketing & Communications, Todd spent nearly 20 years as a marketing and adverting executive at ESPN and ABC Sports.

For many years, Todd ran the Direct Response adverting team for ESPN networks, generating in excess of $70M annually. This experience helped build the foundation used with many nonprofits, in particular, the need for accountability with media spend.

Later at ESPN/ABC as a director of various sports and products, Todd gained a deep understanding of identifying assets and maximizing their value.

This too, forms the foundation of a relationship with nonprofits. Each charity brings with it a tremendous number of assets, and Todd along with Elevated Media help identify them and put them to work, driving value for the cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

The bast way to have your questions answered is to give us a call, but for a few FAQ’s see below!

Are you an agency or consultant?

We’re a bit of both actually! We’re consultants in that we can integrate as part of your team, listening, thinking and advising. We’re also an agency in that we take action on specific plans such as ad buys (we don’t charge a commission). Maybe a way to think of Elevated Charity is that we a new hire to your team that hits the ground running with lots of experience and no headaches!

Why do you say "no commission on ad buys" on your site?

Elevated Media believes that charging a commission on ad buys puts an agency’s priorities ahead of yours. A typical agency needs you to place ad buys and increase spending so they can generate revenue. But our approach is that it’s not always the right time to spend more – and our compensation isn’t based on trying to convince you to increase budgets.

Do you deal with Google Grants?

Yes, and it is a must-have for most charities. For many, a paid ad buy is a necessary compliment to a Google grants campaign due to the many restrictions of the Grants account. We’ll manage all of that for you.

Are you a Google and/or Microsoft Partner?

Yes, Todd and any of your ad managers are certified by Google (ask us if that should impress you!) and Elevated Media’s parent organization, MSJ Marketing & Communications, is a certified Google Partner and a Microsoft Partner. All ad buys are currently placed through our MSJ Marketing brand.

How long are your typical agreements?

We’ll put together a mutually agreed upon contract between our companies, but we make it easy for your to cancel for any reason. We’re confidant that you’ll love working with us, and if for some reason we’re not the right fit (gasp!) – you can terminate the agreement, no problem.

Can you manage update our website?

Absolutely! We can make sure it is secure, quick and well maintained. We have graphic designers and full-time web developers that can help you reach any goal you have in mind. And we’re all here in the USA, working time zones from New York to Los Angeles.

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